Typeblockraphy screensaver

Something that’s been doing the rounds at KentLyons for a few months is our Typeblockraphy screensaver. It’s inspired by one of our Helvetica posters (see here), and we’re now sharing it with you for your enjoyment. The screensaver uses Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk. (76kb)

You can edit the text to personalise it – see below for some screen shots of what we’ve had.

The screensaver uses the excellent free screensaver tool from Florian Plag – you can get it here and create your own. And, sorry PC users, this is Mac only. Never mind eh? N.B. This screensaver currently doesn’t work with Snow Leopard. As soon as we get it working, we’ll release it. Sorry Snow Leopard users.

Here are some screenshots:

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by Noel